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The blog section covers both contemporary experiences as well as distant memories which may be a bit too personal. Some want to define 'real' blogs as places where readers spontaneously may comments upon relevant content. That option is not available in this-here blog, but feel free to e-mail me anytime. All comments are welcome—and more often uplifting than not!

Anyway, here we go:

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A note on how to ease your navigation through the blog

I try to ensure accessibility to all users, and access keys are provided globally as a shortcut for users wanting to visit the major areas of the site.

Access key strokes consist of alt plus the access key on Windows machines and Control/Ctrl plus the access key on Macs. Windows users need to hit 'Enter' to follow access key links, while the Mac access keys follow links automatically (at least they once used to, anyway).

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In addition to the global key set, these blog pages do have a local access key set which may ease your reading. Please use the Access Key n to see the next, and p to acquire the previous page (if you want to go backwards in time. The blogs are sorted according to the date* the page first were published.) Using this option for navigation will occasionally reveal blogs that are not indexed in any other way. Such blogs often hold small secrets or content that maybe shouldn't have been published.

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from Diary to > Blog

The first blogs were written to let remotely located friends and acquaintances in on what was going on at the time being. Though made public on the world wide web, the pages were not restricted to objective newsletters. The blog started as some kind of a diary on the Internet. The writer soon became influenced by web-logs and slowly the texts could be recognised as blogs.

During the years Y2K to 2004 blogs were published in four different languages. The content was very much the same in any language; The content of the Norwegian (Bokmål) Blog was translated into English, German and the second Norwegian language Nynorsk.

From 2005 and onward the above-mentioned approach seemed less and less fertile and the blog evolved into four different blogs, one for each language (an alien on the loose!). As 2006 matured an observation revealed the following:

  • A Norwegian blog may refer to content in an English or German one
  • A regular reader of all four languages may have the upper hand and get more out of these blogs than a random visitor
  • There might be hidden clues scattered all around and about
  • From time to time cynicism may be evident in the text

Subsequently the blog—and other pages which may cause unwanted awareness to a possible employer—was removed from the serious webpages and this here new site was developed during November and December 2006. Welcome to a *brand new* blog of another slightly off-centred up mind!

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