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Late autumn 2000 I worked for the Theatre Osiris in Trondheim. Osiris is the actor Roar Kjølv Jenssen and his one man play "Dearpaw and Kristiansen". By new year 2000-01 the play had been staged almost 200 times, for 35.000 children and grown ups. [By November 2003 the numbers are estimated to reach 600 times and an accumulated audience of 70.000.]

In November I had an incision as my knee was hurt pretty badly in a bicycle accident a month earlier. Afterwards the nerves sent funny messages to my brain, and my walking was somewhat affected until I got used to the unfamiliar signals.

Silly Walk :: Maybe John Cleese had a problem with his knee as well?

In December I went to Grimstad in East Agder County for an interview. The job as a technician at the Grimstad House of Culture offered tasks where I could gain further knowledge. In January 2001 I moved down South and was made responsible for maintenance and management of cinema, sound, light and stage equipment. Luckily I was familiar with some of the tasks from earlier engagements at Uffa, Trondheim Film Society and The Standing Committee on Cultural Affairs in Svalbard. In Grimstad I can probe deeply into technical mysteries. Worn out cinema equipment continously provides mechanical, optical and electronical challenges.

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