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Since January I've been working as a technician at the Grimstad House of Culture. My job is to screen movies during day time and to keep equipment and installations in working order and according to regulations; e.g. the certificate for the stage rig was recently renewed.

The courses that I find most useful in this job are physics, logic and public administration. Public administration is quite useful when dealing with municipal administration, service people and guests in a professional way. The logic comes in handy when detecting mechanical and electrical errors, or understanding complex systems with mutually independent factors. Mechanics from upper secondary school is cool all over, especially when handling old fashioned cinema equipment.

Agder is an excotic area in which I now do have some contacts. Please call for reliable information!

Grimstad House of Culture was opened in December 1985, with three theatres named after litterary works associated with Grimstad. Catilina was Henrik Ibsen's first play, written in 1850 under the alias Brynjolv Bjarme while he was doing his dispensing chemist apprenticeship in Grimstad. Catilina accomodates up to 415 guests, is used for both cinema and theatre presentations and meets the standards of The Norwegian National Touring Theatre quite well.

Our second theatre takes 109 people and is mostly used for screenings. The cinema is named after the novel Pan by Knut Hamsun. From 1918 until 1952 he resided at Nørholm in the outskirts of Grimstad. Our smallest cinema with 50 seats is named Vesle Hallvard after the local author Kristen Stalleland's essay of 1905. In addition there is a kiosk and areas for theatrical and musical exercises, exhibitions, meetings, lectures and miscellaneous...

Theatre performances are quite popular here in Southern Norway and our large theatre is often used for events. Vigorous local and regional people use our stage for entertainment and revues—some of the stuff is even kind of Off Off-Broadwayish—while The Norwegian National Touring Theatre visits with most of their plays. Catilina is let with or without equipment and I aid and assist our guests.

Every June The Norwegian Short Film Festival invades the house. A couple of days before the shit hits the fan their technicians comes down to adjust the machine room to their purpose. After an intense [and moist] week they flee like the morning dew, and we put the house and the machinery back in order to be able to provide regular screenings some hours later.

My days are filled with practical and rather simple and labourous tasks; Working life is neither glorious nor intellectually challenging. To counterweight I read the course Film and Cinema, 15 ECTS Credits of further studies in Cultural Administration at the University College in Bø. The rest of my spare time is used for listening to the radio, reading papers, contemplating language problems, art and the sweet things in life!

My first time to the Quart festival!

In the spring of 1999 I saw bob hund at Kroa i Bø, and they were just as funny and energetic at Quart. Their version of Pere Ubu's "Final Solution" may be the most intense I've ever heard live. And PJ Harvey did a nice gig on the largest outdoors stage. But the nordic evening did not offer her a club feel—I would prefer to see her on stage indoors.

Maybe darkness would have suited Mayhem's act as well. Personally I find the aesthetics of Black Metal rather amusing, but I'm not sure if joy is their main point though. Cadillac was jamming in the early hours and I might have bitten Mr. Per Borten Jr. in the chest after some serious and rather heroic guitar playing. (There was some alcohol involved. My sincere apologies!)


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