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Winter and Spring 2001-02

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This winter I focused on my job and developing this web site. What happened last year and in the autumn of 2000 is covered by previous pages, while references and comments upon my engagements in the resume section should cover my past.

A net diary is quite fascinating—and a bit BigBrotherish—but unfortunately I do not have the time to blog.Two separate sections on this site will cover my need for blogging. This news section will provide information on current tasks and thoughts, and the life section will cover my need for vague ramblings and some off-centred thoughts; your source for a bit more information than you need. (OK, I know it's a rip off from Tarantino).


The exterior of the Grimstad House of Culture was painted last autumn, the vestibule is newly done as well, doors and locks are thoroughly adjusted and a new burglary alarm is installed. Fire prevention and security systems are now being looked after. The active fire systems—that is alarms and other automatic safety functions—are being tested and upgraded. Our daily routines are improving as we look into our preventive measures and preparedness and response ability, a kind of a light risk and vulnerability analysis.

Houses usually sink in a bit during the years, and our building with its fire cells is now being plugged. This includes all cracks and holes where plumbing, cables and ventilation penetrate walls, ceilings and floors. The work is done by specialists and our job is merely to see that their work doesn't affect our daily activities or harm our equipment too much.

280 square meters of stage floor was painted after the spring theatre season. Nowadays I overhaul the light equipment and in June I'm supposed to participate in a course for stage crew. The yearly control of the stage rig went smoothly. But both the rig and the inspector are old. After some advice from skilled people I recently spent two weeks on bettering the wire systems. Our stage finally gets some monitoring and the multi cables are being looked over and tinned up where needed.

Both the rig and the light and sound systems are subject to rough treatment from "technicians" with differing skills and knowledge. The highlight this spring occurred during the Centenary of Sørlandet, as somebody spilled Coca Cola in our large mixer! Some years since I've experienced anything like that, but anything is truly possible down here South!

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Climate and Grimstad

Southern Norway is a summer paradise, and a rather slow place during winter. The population of Grimstad gradually increases from Easter on—from 18.000 to 30.000 people—and in the summer both the streets and the sea are packed. As the schools start in August the city is rapidly emptied, last autumn I wondered if a major disaster had occurred and the town had been evacuated...

Alas, good coffee and Grimstad are not compatible. But Laura's Coffee Bar, by the cathedral in Kristiansand, serves some of the best coffee I've tasted, competing only with Dromedar in Trondheim. At The Lindvedske House in Arendal they make a decent cup of Joe as well. Both make nice turkey sandwiches though.

The climate down South is the warmest I've experienced so far in Norway. The winter climate reminds me of a trip back in January 1994. Are Moe's first furniture collection was to be displayed at the fair in Köln/Cologne, and I was hired to drive down from Trondheim. On my way back the old Land Rover suddenly stopped and I had to wait almost a fortnight for engine parts from England. Stranded in Bielefeld in Norhern Germany I went for walks in the Teutoburger Wald. And the mild continental winter really surprised me: fog and cold rain intead of Mid-Norwegian snow and slush, and the earth didn't seem to be frozen! I got curious about climate and weather, and six months later I moved to Svalbard.

World Wide Web

Last winter I spent a lot of time learning how to make web pages. Some I picked from others' code and some from magazines and books on the subject. Old friends who still do layout were helpful, and I also bought solutions to certain problems.

Some ten years ago I worked with layout of magazines on a voluntary basis in Trondheim, and I do remember what an elaborate and lenghty task that was. In December 2001 I realised that I had to actually learn HTML to get a satisfactory product, and I felt that cold sweat come trickling down my spine.

14 hours a day is nothing new, but intense, and I wonder if it may be a bit psycotic to solve coding problems during nighttime while sleeping. My pages do witness that I've been doing layout for paper media earlier on, but as time goes by there will be more pictures and some sound clips as well. It is a new me(dia)!

I first encountered the idea of hypertext talking to professor Bjørn Sørenssen late in the summer of 1990. (The film society printed his text on similarities between the old Icelandic saga of Egil Skallagrimsson and the samurai Clint Eastwood.) In the autumn of 1998 I finally got free access to the world wide web. In August-September 2000 I outlined this web site, and now early in the summer of 2002 it's gaining space on the Internet. The preliminary work on the site has taken some time but now I can focus on developing the texts into real hypertexts.


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