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Summer of 2002

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This spring i did 15 ECTS Credits in Music at Cultural Administration in Bø. Low progression in my studies and weak grades are the results of reading courses while working full time.


My main task is to co-ordinate the maintenance of technical equipment at the Grimstad House of Culture. A well maintained house is a premise for stable and safe operation and a prerequisite for serving guests such as The Norwegian Short Film Festival and The Norwegian National Touring Theatre.

My other main task is to prepare, greet and meet guest technicians and artists and their includements for equipment. My work includes many of the physical conditions for cultural activities: the building with its technical installations as well as sound, light and stage equipment. (You may read more about the job in previous pages. References and my resume cover my past experiences.)

Movies are the main source of income at the Grimstad House of Culture. The management is challenging with worn down equipment due to years of tight municipal budgeting. Nevertheless we improve the audience's viewing experience through fewer incidental film breaks and a better picture stability. Before the short film festival in 2002 a new Ernemann 15 machine was installed, and our goal is to renew the rest of the cinema equipment as well.

The organisers of The Norwegian Short Film Festival is a foundation based in Oslo. The festival has been held in Grimstad for the last 15 years though, and it's both pleasant and inspiring to host an international film scene for some days. The Grimstad Tourist Office takes care of transport and housing of our guests, and our job is to be the centre of activities and meet the expectations of the organisers.

The festival people were satisfied with the conditions this year, and members of the board even uttered that the discussion of relocating the festival now was over. We weren't that lucky with the weather as last year but all outdoor events were held in between the showers. A bolt of lightning had an effect on our sound systems though: Much to our surprise the opening film started quite silently, but all minor problems were easily sorted out. A techie can miss most of the artistic content, but the back stage atmosphere was very pleasant this year.

Animation with link to Spacebrain, which showed some of their installations at the Quart Festival!

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spare Time, 2002

1. Wading through brackish water with a mobile phone is stupid, but I got myself a new Tamagotchi.

2. The Quart Festival, yes! Rammstein had a really funny pyro show, and the sound pressure reached 95dB, 200m from stage! Hello Goodbye and The Cooper Temple Clause did nice gigs at The Hall later that night as well.

3. I've done some mixing myself lately, and both musicians and members of the audience have responded positively. During The Pleasure Festival I did the sound for Mitch and his friends again. This time they were strengthened by some horns from Dahlske and the concert was held in the street outside Café Galleri. Minimusikk delivered the PA, they gave me a digital mixer and taught me how to use it in a half hour.

I had to focus on keeping it simple. But after a short while it dawned on me that I hadn't had my fingers on such a fine and precise sound tool before. The mixer had lots of preprogrammed choices and layer upon layer of parameters. (The transition from doing analogue mix to mixing digitally may be compared to switching from an electric typewriter to a PC as a tool for working with text and layout.)

The Yamaha 02R >> There is a hyperlink to the web site of Yamaha in this picture

Regardless of technology mixing is based on what you're able to hear, what you can identify and remove (or use) as non-musical noise and how good you are at making a balance of the instruments and other musical sources. I will do mixing as incidental earnings the coming months. New jam on 26. August!

(A spare time project of mine is to make lists of the what concerts I've been sound engineering earlier. So far I have pulled together an overview of the Hard Rock Kafé and Uffa days, and the Svalbard period may be documented later this autumn.)

Nota bene!

"Illusion—japanese photography" is now being displayed at The Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall in Arendal, unfortunately as the only place in Norway and only until September. The motives are classic japanese harmony sprinkled with provocing and suprising elements—originality and clichés interspersed with references to other medias and works of art in the compositions. It is nice to see Bomuldsfabriken gradually being renovated and exhibiting better comtemporary art.

The Antarctic, September 2002 :: Record breaking ozone hole over the Antarctic this autumn

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