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Somethin' to do

The vacation in December resulted in Egyptian food poisoning. After three weeks I finally got to see a doctor, but he couldn't tell what was the matter with me—and without a diagnosis no cure. After four weeks I tried to go back to work, but had to give up after three days and return to a new sick leave. Cleansing but quite tiresome!

In the middle of all this I wrote an obligatory paper in Sami Cultural History. (Not easy to write as the body wants all my attention.) In retrospect I see that the text barely has a focal point, but true to thesis "Write Your Life" I still publish it.

Finally back at work I attended a two days' seminar on light. The Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts had initiated the seminar while Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall had chosen the lecturers and made arrangements. Some of the lecturers were scientists while others were technicians. The light-designer Knut Hermansen talked about his subsea sculpture in Ny-Hellesund. Professor Gunnar Danbolt talked about Light in the History of Art, 40 minutes of coherent express lecturing. His rhetorics were so catchy that I immediately wanted to move to Bergen to follow his lectures.

After Danbolt's considerations on light I wondered why I am so fascinated by pre-modern culture. Maybe it's time to join The Norwegian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies to better understand the basics for the building of nations throughout the 18. and 19. century?

To counterweight the abstract world of light and theory I recently mixed Darling Daizy from Fevik at two occasions. Darling is a nu punk band who wants me to tour with them, but there is no money in it...


After some downsizing in Grimstad the Chief municipal executive offered his employees a seminar to increase motivation, under the title Myself as a Resource. Torleif Lundqvist came to "fill our inner source" with themes like:

  • Expectations
  • Influence on behaviour
  • Health and vigorous growth
  • We are what we think
  • Feedback
  • How you are influenced by / affect people around you
  • Attention and self confidence
  • Responsibility
  • To take on the leading part in your own life
  • Inspiration and motivation

Simple stuff that we obviously need to be reminded of from time to time. Usually I'm supposed to be indifferent as to what goes on on stage—my task is to prepare, aid and assist—but this seminar was worth some comments.

The motivator was unassuming and popular, he flirted with his audience and used examples in which everybody could recognize themselves—spiced up with stories on children, dependency, kinky sex and the likes—and he was able to move 400 employees, hopefully in the right direction. Afterwards I wondered if I had attended a revivalist meeting, a stand-up show or—actually—had been inspired.

Well, sometimes my job includes a bit of gallows humour, so I guess any fun is good fun. A couple of local technicians do their best to destroy the stage equipment—God, help me out of here!—so I have enough to do. Luckily The Norwegian National Touring Theatre is en route with their plays and professional technicians.

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