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May through July

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The 26. Short Film Festival, 2003

This year's festival went smoothly, just like last year. Technically we weren't perfect this year neither, as newly installed digital sound in Pan failed us. We tried anything we could think of—including phoning leading European technicians to discuss our problem—but as Ioan Allen of Dolby said: "You guys in Grimstad are breaking new ground again!"

To see Torbjørn Skårild winning The Golden Chair for the short film "all in all" was a a pleasant surprise. [In the autumn he was also honoured with the Amanda in Haugesund. This guy has made two movies and won three of the most prestigious prices in Norway!] Ten years ago his "All as Nothing at All" won the Terje Vigen-price.

Studies :: Nymphs and Satyr

The painting Nymphs and Satyr :: Link to a description of the painting

Low progression in my studies this winter, but I managed to get my best grade ever in the programme Cultural Administration in Bø. This spring I've been reading History of Art and Ideas (6 ECTS Credits).

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Music, literature and films

Wednesday I saw the ska-core band Mighty Mighty Bosstones and then Massive Attack at the Quart festival. Musically Massive was not quite on top of it, but visually they were great. Impressive digital feed to a large screen behind the band—in sync with the songs and well balanced with a toned down light show. See their web site for a taste of it!

I was impressed by Michael Moore's book "Stupid White Men"—it was impudent and most amusing. But I found his movie Bowling for Columbine quite old-fashioned and predictable though.

Try to see "Hero" by Zhang Yimou! Both story and action puts Matrix II in the shadows. Yimou composes spectacular pictures and his misé-en-scene is really something out of the ordinary. Strong colours and suprising seasonal changes reminds me of Kurosawa's epic works. And a cast with Maggie Cheun and Ziyi Zhang do make chinese acting likeable (L.O.L!).


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