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September 2003

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A pleasant weekend in Stavanger

Mid-September I went to see Torbjørn in Stavanger. And for the second time I visited the Rogaland Art Museum, which has a nice collection of paintings by Reidar Auli (1904-77) and Erling Enger (1899-1990). This time Harald Dal (1901-81) caught my attention as well. In the late thirties and during the war he depicted some forest scenery at Nesodden. His motives are slightly abstract and may be representative to formal experimentation between the great wars.

As a service to schools the museum had an exhibition called "Light and Shadow." The displayed pictures were owned by the museum and illustrated the use of light and shadow in art history through examples from medieval times, renaissance, romanticism, late nineteenth century Norwegian new-romanticism and some contemporary works. The display was relevant as examples to a seminar on light which I attended in January, and such displays is a generous way to pass on knowledge about art.

I also got to see the Stavanger Art Centre. The director of Urban Conservation has described it as one of the foremost monumental buildings in Stavanger. Inside they displayed photos taken by Dag Thorenfeldt of the "arcaic marine painter" Ivan Storm Juliussen from Jæren, South of Stavanger.

Torbjørn Skårild's short film 'all in all' :: He has also won the Amanda since previous news page

I met some really nice people in Stavanger, and the climate reminded me of Sørlandet.


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