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December 2003, Christmas and New year

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Ethos, pathos and my reasons for chosing Folken

Christmas is a time for extrovert pleasure à la norvegiénne, and a time for adding up, contemplation and thoughtful consideration...

What have I done? I chose the job at Folken. I turned down a steady job and a considerably higher wage at Southern Bømlø in favour of a demanding two years term in Stavanger, where—not at least—my possible relational and diplomatic abilities will be put to the test. Folken demands all of me, and I do find wholeness attractive...

Working for Folken is a bit like stepping twenty years back in time. The tasks are close to stuff I worked with during the eighties, a loong time ago. I am a bit concerned about this repeating myself, but do see possibilities within a larger framework.

Spinal Tap Poster :: I have reached a personal goal now

Northern Jæren is an area where Goth music has been evolving for years, and there is a cozy little black and nail cladden contingent here in Stavanger as well. From time to time Folken seems like some kind of base camp to this crowd. For Folken though the largest task in 2004 will be as a local technical producer of a stadium concert featuring Sir Elton John. sold 12.000 in 1½ hour!

Friends and old acquaintances will probably understand that I've connected with times prior to my Svalbard period, the days of following my heart and being in the middle of some kind of motion most of the time.

And readers of this news-section will be used to finding a bit braggish name-dropping now and then. In the Norwegian section you will find a list of events at Folken in November and December. I'm not aware how well known these bands are abroad, but I think Turbonegro is large outside Norway. God knows why!


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