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Life is a bumpy road :: January 2004

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Since November I've been thinking of work 24/7. During the initial fortnight of the new year I was burried in balancing the numbers and accounts of 2003 and budgeting 2004 for The Student Society of Stavanger, Folken. I'd like to tell you of a bit vivid association which arouse as I sat in front of the computer:

Annual settlement, winding up and balancing the books

* Another animation as a visual effect :: The Matrix is ALIVE!

The annual accounts equals approximately 1.8 Million Euro and an unknown number of transactions which has to be checked. Each entrance and record, each post, seems like a bit falling down the computer screen, a bit like the icons and signs trickling down in the beginning of the Matrix movies. There is something liquid about this stream of money; like threads being woven and becoming a fabric. The bits find their place and gain texture, like parts in a puzzle. The pattern or matrix is then audited and passed as annual accounts. (Just a thought in front of the computer, nothing to worry about!)

"The matrix must be in the mind of the manager" – Chris Bartlett og Sumantra Ghoshal (As quoted by Ridderstråle and Nordström in Karaoke Capitalism, 2004.)

14. January, (Roga)Land of Broken Dreams...

We evaluated my work and I chose to give notice as the trial period ended. The employment was supposed to be a term for two years but came to an abrupt halt after merely two and a half month. As I see things it is of no use that the co-operation between members of the board and the manager isn't working. Formally I'm employed until February but too many hours are now taken off in lieu.

When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane

Figuratively and emotionally I fell into a big void as my employment all of a sudden was terminated. I needed some time to adapt to the feeling and to accept this blow to my carreer. Anyways, there is an inner life and a public life...

A local tabloid was on my back probing for some kind of scandal. Do they thrive on irrational explanations and stories or what? (I'd very much like to be left alone in my demise, thank you!) At the end of January I was publicly defamed in the local student press and on the Internet. Complemented with photos and the use of my full name I was accused of embezzlement. I cannot find any similiar case on the web, so maybe I am special after all. True content of a case may sometimes be somewhat contrary to popular opinion, but I am not willing blemish and/or to take down four young people to purify my own reputation and glory...

The board and I had struck a deal on not to comment upon the situation or give any explanation. Shutting up while being in the pillory was a rather teeth-clenching experience (and a month later two molars crumbled into pieces). No medication though, a man's gotta endure what a man' gotta go through...

We'll let the courts sort out the dirt and settle this matter. Personally I'm not convinced that this story will be flattering for any of the involved parties, but it certainly is a different kind of task to take on. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said:

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

Nevertheless, the last half year has been a time of moving around Southern Norway and adapting to new tasks. But I like that—adjustments and flexibility is more interesting than status quo. In addition to a truly interesting experience I also gained something more positive during the months at Folken:


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