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February :: Skin, Bone and Silicon

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Mid-February Bø is cladden in a winterly shroud, looking much like an advertisement for The XVII Olympic Games at Lillehammer. After four winters at the coast it's nice to see pure white snow and breathe in dry, fresh and cold air again. And Aye, the reddish colours of Telemark are special—Lifjell blushes in the morning—and the blue ones are almost as crystal clear as at Svalbard. It's always nice to leave the pollution and the constant clatter of the city and suburbia behind.

Moving back to Bø (after a brief greyish winter in South-Western Norway) is a bit like moving here in the autumn of 1998: After three and a half year at Svalbard I lived with Eli and Sven at Vål'enga in Oslo for six months; from the wilderness, to the city and back to the countryside again. This time the route was Grimstad, Skedsmo Crossroads/Stavanger to Bø. (People down in Grimstad may not be too pleased about me suggesting Agder is a wilderness, but I met some rather cranky and less sivilized people down there—people behaving like social darwinistic animals.)

Ocean, Faroe Islands :: I really missed the crisp blue colours out West


Recently I found out what happened to Ibsen's Nora after she was criminalized and had left Thorvald in the dollhouse. If you don't want to know, please skip...

For two weeks she lived in a community with female thiefs, maids and prostitutes in the poorer parts of Christiania, before moving to the countryside northeast of Oslo, to Romerike—it's Nora meeting herself, again...

Enrico Ibsen was a focal point in Grimstad, and I got to see some plays down there. But sometimes I wondered if something was missing in his pieces. I may be missing out on parts and may not be able to comprehend the depths of his stories, though:* Ibsen's thoughts on female liberation and the clashes of the classes are obvious and easy to grasp, but I admit having a problem in identifying myself with bourgeois emancipation à la 1873—And Ibsen's texts still being relevant is a scary thought...

* Some claim Ibsen was way ahead of a postmodern feminist critisism of modernism, which again is way beyond my knowledge of both Ibsen, the period and philosophy.

Anyways, the faith of Nora was told by Torolf Elster in the essay The Last Days in China, 1992.

web    * All the more, or less

Mid-February there are 422 available pages, 30.4Mb and approximately 1050 files at this web site. Traffic to the site is rapidly increasing. Late February traffic from the Netherlands is larger than from Norway, but I have no idea why this is so...

What factors do you think are important?

  • the use of cookies?
  • span xml:lang & lang tags on all "foreign" words in the respective languages?
  • cleansing of meta tags, like http-equiv instead of meta name (consequent coding)?
  • the use of the meta tags geo.placename, geo.position and geo.region? (Do these work in HTML coded pages or are they useful only to XML?)
  • a combination of better texts and structure (content)?
  • curious recent colleagues and employers?

And is there some kind of limit which causes exponential growth in traffic, like limits for number of hits and page views? If so, the number of

  • unique, non-repeat vistors, each month reached 1.300 in December
  • RSDNs exceeded 1.500 in November 2003,
  • page views grew beyond 25.000 in December, and
  • the number of monthly repeat visitors were up to 11.500 in January 2004.

Downloaded material has been increasing gradually and exceeded 0,5Gb right after new year's eve (1,73Gb in January). 'am wondering how one makes RSS, Really Simple Syndication files...

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film...


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