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Not much personal information has been posted during the previous months. In short this is why: I was made manager of the second hottest concert venue in Norway last November, but lost the job as my trial period ended in January...

The negotiated deal is that neither the board nor I can comment on the reasons for my resignment. So far I have made no official comments on the situation. A deal is a deal, and information on this case might harm people or institutions, maybe me, maybe someone else...

Late January a local student newspaper made quite a scandal out of the situation, by blemishing my name and reputation, drawing me into the public square and putting me in the stocks/pillory. I realized that I wouldn't get a new assignment for some months, and I couldn't possibly live with being harassed in the streets and fled to the tranquil and beautiful valleys of Telemark.

My idea was to take the opportunity, or to fill the time gap, to gain more knowledge by following classes at the University College in Telemark. But then The *much beloved* Norwegian Public Employment Service told me this was not an option they could support; My application for money during unemployment seemed to be stalled on trumped-up-reasoning. (Visitors able to read Norwegian have access to a lot more information on this subject.)

So I sat there without a job, without the opportunity to study, almost no money and living beyond the bread-line; Contemplating the miseries of my life, the Bush coalition pissing on international treaties and the horrors of contemporary popular music,* I seriously thought of putting a gun to my head to reset this mess. I became depressed and started pondering what the real agenda of the board was.

* Every now and again a tune, often not a good one, gets stuck in my mind and I have no choice but to endure it. This spring's real lowdown came as my mind was attacked by O-Zone's Dragostea Din Tei for days without pausing. Life cannot get much worse. [Some months later I even heard the dreaded song as a polyphonic signal from a mobile phone, and realized—again—that it sometimes really does get worse...]

Yikes! Heavy thoughts so early in the morning...

On a lighter note—modified rapture and cautious happiness, vulnerable to more loss?

... I've been catching up on contemporary Norwegian literature and redesigning this web site.

April 01, 2004 (Posted by porterWeb)
Standards Perk Up More Than Your Site
Scientists from Johns Hopkins University in conjunction with the W3C today announced the results of a study showing a strong correlation between the use of non-standard, proprietary markup and erectile dysfunction in Web developers.
According to the senior researcher Dr. Ella Mensa-Lechter, "Subjects who kept their structure clean noticed a marked improvement in its ability to perform in a variety of presentations." The study was prompted by the revelation that the claims of developers "having a hard time with Web standards" had been dramatically misunderstood.


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