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The portugese Tiago not only charmed the girls of Bø, with his exotic mix of latino lover and Rockabilly attitude, he was also a nice guy who appreciated a weekend in Southern Sweden or Latvia. He introduced me to Mr. Kvipt from the Western parts of Telemark county. Sondre has taken computer classes in Bø and has an aesthetic approach to coding web sites, an angle which I find rare in Norwegian computing settings.

A typical evening at the labs in June: me cleansing old code and Sondre making web pages for Switchblades while band members sat in California shouting (via e-mail or Messenger or the likes): More knives, more knives! I'll say it again: *These Rockabilly guys are mad!* Here is an example of some pages Sondre has done, unfortunately freely hosted at the top level domain tk, servers with much down-time. Personally I find those pages not yet fully ripe, but the guy is really good at explaining asp, PHP and other types of programming to a self-educated layman as myself...

* Animation :: From time to time there was great fun at the labs, but nerdy and a bit outside common language :: Geeky!

"... my heart was falling I felt it something happened the house had changed & changed it it wasn't just our house it was everything outside too like it had all been smashed then stuck together with glue by someone but all in the wrong order..."—from the book Hotel World by Ali Smith, 2001

A letter on boobies and penises in commercials :: A test of something I found on the Internet, with a link to at

"We're a society awash in networks, yet starved for community" — from The New Urbanism by Peter Katz

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