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I am currently seeking full-time employment, but am also available for long or short-term contracts, 'one-off' freelance assignments.

(Recently overheard public announcements:)

Ladies and gentlemAn! and Smoking ARE not allowed!

The national Norwegian Railways has been detoriating steadily during the last twenty years or so...

A large scale project in the early nineties was supposed to prepare the railways for the challenges of the 21st century. Some of us were hoping for some kind of rebirth for this 19th century innovation, the somewhat eco-friendly iron horse. During consequent lack of funding and a series of delays we still do not have a properly working railway system, although billions of kroner have been spent.

After ten years we have new trains

  • of Italian design which do not work properly in our winterly climate
  • which fall apart after being put together out of meticulously sought weak and cheap materials; the idea of not spending enough money on trains may have been worsened as it was been combined with a restructuring of the maintenance section
  • which derail because they're not built for curvy rails (Hello, we also do live in a hilly and mountainous country!)

It certainly is strange being a citizen of the richest nation on this planet, harvesting wealth as the war on Iraq rockets the price of oil right into the skies.

Digging into HTML

Some years ago I was convinced that French would be the next language I'd learn. Boy, was I wrong! In 2001 I ventured into the lands of HTML (never to return?). After three years in Virtualia I find code just as fascinating as natural languages.

As so many others I sought, thought and wrote rudimentary code; Primitive code partly as an effort to commence to general incompatibility and the Browser Wars of the late nineties, and partly because I lacked some knowledge. Last year I started searching for information on how to get out of the initial tag-soup. As Groucho Marx said, in the 1933 classic Duck Soup:

Why a four-year old child could understand this report. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can't make head or tail of it.

While "bchodo" wrote on 16. July:

The odds of there ever being a "hack-free environment" are Slim and None (and Slim's out of town).

Several sources has inspired me to rewrite this site:

By August 2004 the visual end of the redesign is almost complete, which means that although I'm still making changes, you probably won't notice most of them unless you view source and compare the markup to a previous version.

12. August

Leaving Bø with its LAN connections, venturing into the real world, homeless and jobless...


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