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Die Hard Autumn

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A note as after watching the movie Die Hard in New York on television: I'm wondering whether there actually is any terrorism. The recipes for terror-like acts have been spread worldwide through living pictures for years. It may seem that the content or message in American ultraviolent movies is merely coming home for dinner. (I'd like to add that Bruce Willis's roles in Pulp Fiction and The Sixth Sense are more interesting...)

An der Kunst, 1871. Berlin

The Nationalgalerie – The History of an Idea

In 1861, the consul and banker Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm Wagener bequethed 262 paintings by German and foreign artists to the prince regent of Prussia. With this deliberate stimulus for the creation of a national gallery, the history of the Nationalgalerie thus begins not with a state decree, but with the shining example of the spirit of civic patronage and private commitment to art that survives to this day.

After the revolution of 1848, enlightened bourgeois ideals of community culiminated in the idea of a nation, but until 1871 it existed only as a cultural and political vision. So when Friedrich August Stüler started designing the Nationalgalerie in 1865, it anticipated a nation that did not yet exist in political terms. But even before construction work had been completed, the vision became reality when Wilhelm I was proclaimed Kaiser of Germany on January 18th, 1871. The year of German unification was commemorated on the pediment together with a political inscription "To the German Art MDCCCLXXI".


When Germany was divided, the Nationalgalerie on the Museum Island became the National Gallery of East Germany, while Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Neue Nationalgalerie was built in West Berlin in 1968.

This was a text taken from a brochure on the Museum Island in Berlin.


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