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In Y2K+5 the blog is formed somewhat differently from previous years. Let me elaborate on this: There are four languages on this web site. From the beginning the four blogs had a one-to-one relationship, that is, the content of the English and the German blog postings was in many ways identical.

As life fell apart the virtual diary structure started crumbling. (I did not have sufficient language capacity to record the hellish experience. Well, I've talked about that before. No need to trample the same ground even flatter.) Anyways, from now on there will be distinct blogs in all four languages. Sometimes a blog will comment the content in another language. The nature of modern communication has several tongues. Enjoy:


In addition there are RSS files.

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication (but it's also been known as Rich Site Summary and Real Slim Shady). Most of the postings in the English RSS will correspond with pages in this blog section. Sometimes there will be separate postings which point only to external blogs, those of third parties. Links to such external web site (for which I am in no way responsible) will be found in decorative thumbnails and pictures in this blog as well, as regular readers might have become accustomed to.

All blogs have validity within their own context, whether they are pulling 10,000 visitors a day or are a nanoblog aimed only at close friends and family. (Source)

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