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The table hints to what Smileys means
:-{}Blowing a kiss
:-cBummed out
:()Can*t stop talking
:*-)Crying with joy
:*-(Crying sadly
:-9Delicious, yummy
;->Devilish wink
:-6Exhausted, wiped out
\~/Full glass
\_/Glass empty
^5High five
(()):**Hugs and kisses
:-#Lips are sealed
:~/Mixed up
:-OShocked, surprised
:-PSticking tongue out
^Thumbs up
:-&Tongue tied
!-(Black eye
#-)Partied all night
:-( )You stepped on my toe
#:-oOh, nooooooo!
$-)Won the lottery
:-(=)Big teeth
:-)Smiley standard
%*@:-(Hung over
:-)8Dolly Parton
%*}Very drunk
:-) :-) :-)Loud guffaw
%+{Lost a fight
:-))double chin
%-(I)Laughing out loud
:-)))Very overweight
%-Drunk with laughter
:-)–98-pound weakling
:-)XWearing a bowtie
:-)}Has goatee/beard
:-,– hmmmm –
&:-)curly hair
:––––––)Big liar
( o ) ( o )Hooters
:-7Smokes a pipe
(-)Needs a haircut
:-9Smiley licking it's lips
(-::-)Siamese twins
:-<Real sad smiley
(-_-)Secret smile
:-=)Adolph Hitler
(00)Mooning you
(8-)Wears glasses
:-?Smiley smoking a pipe
(:)-)Likes to scuba dive
:-@Extremely angry
(:+)Big nose
:-CReally bummed out
(:-#Smiley with braces
:-DLaughing (at you!)
:-EBucktoothed vampire
:-PSticking out tongue
:-WSpeak with forked tongue
(:-DBlabber mouth
:-XA big wet kiss!
(:-\VERY sad
:-XBow tie
:-]Biting sarcasm
:-`Spitting out chewingtobacco
(:<;)Blabber mouth
:-cBummed out
(:>-<;Thief: hands up!
:-eDisappointed smiley
(:^(Broken nose
:-lYet another smiley
(@ @)You*re kidding!
)Cheshire cat
:-sAfter a BIZARRE comment
:=)Has two noses
*:o)Bozo the Clown
:>Midget smiley
:-rSticking tongue out
:>)Big nose
+-(:-)Religious leader
:-{}Heavy lipstick
:^)Broken nose
,-)One eye... and winking
;-)Winking smiley
-:-)Has mohawk
<;:-)Dumb questions
<;<;<;<;(:-)Hat salesman
->=:-)XZippy the Pinhead
=):-)Uncle Sam
:/)Not funny
=:-)Smiley punk-rocker
::-)Wears glasses
=:-HFootball player
>:)A little devil
:<;Midget unsmiley
>:*)Bozo the Clown
0-)Scuba diver
>:-(Mad, annoyed
@:-)Wavy hair
3:*>Rudolph the reindeer
B:-)Sunglasses on head
3:[Mean pet smiley
C:-)Large brain capacity
3:]Pet smiley
4:-)George Washington
5:-)Elvis Presley
P-)Colonel Klink
7:)Ronald Reagan
Q:-)New graduate
7:-)Fred Flintstone
[:-)Wearing a walkman
7:^]Ronald Reagan
d:-)Baseball player
8 :-)Wizard
{(:-)Wearing toupee
{:-)Hair parted in the middle
:)Midget smiley
8-*Just ate a hot pepper
:-#Punched in the mouth
8-oMr. Bill
]:->The Devil
8:-)Glasses on forehead
:-%smiley banker
8=:-)Galloping Gourmet
}:-(Bull headed
:$)Donald Trump
}:-)Wearing toupee in an updraft
:%)An accountant
:-[Particularly angry
:*-)Crying with happiness
o== or *==Flame on!!!
-==A doused candle (tto end a flame)
%-)After staring at the terminal for 36 hours
*:-)Accidentally shaved off one eyebrow
-:-(Punk rocker (real punk rockers don*t smile)
0-(Scuba diver with a broken mask
:-FBucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing
.-]User has one eye
.-)User has one eye
:-]Smiley blockhead
:-%User has beard
:-oUser singing national anthem
:-tUser is cross
:-:User is mutant
:-User is male
:-?User is smoking a pipe
:-=)Older user with mustache
:-\Undecided user
:-pUser is sticking their tongue out (at you!)
:-)*User tends to drool
:-*|User has a cold
:-)8User is well dressed
:-DUser talks too much
:-\Popeye smiling face
:-#User's lips are sealed.
:-oUser is shocked
:-)-{8User is a big girl
:-sUser after a BIZARRE comment
:-oUser is surprised
:-{User has a mustache
:-|No expression face
-:-)User sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T
:-%User has beard
:-&User which is tongue-tied
:-9User licking it*s lips
:-`User spitting out its chewing tobacco
:-*User after eating something bitter
:->Hey hey
:-XUser is wearing a bow tie
:-6User after eating something sour
:-0User is an orator
:-7User after a wry statement
:-#|User with bushy mustache
:-@User face screaming
:-%User is a banker
:-}User wears lipstick
:-)Humor (or smiley)
:-vTalking head Smiley
:-cBummed out Smiley
:-x–my lips are sealed– Smiley
:-|–have an ordinary day– Smiley
:-eDisappointed Smiley
:-<;Real sad Smiley
:-(Boo hoo
:-8(Condescending stare
:-#User's lips are sealed.
:-OUh oh
::-)User wears glasses
:=)User has two noses
:>Midget Smiley
:>)User has a big nose
:%)%User has acne
:n)User with funny-looking right nose
:u)User with funny-looking left nose
;-)Winking Smiley
;-\Popeye gets his lights punched out
*-)User only has a left eye, which is closed
(-:User is left-handed
(-)User needing a haircut
(:-)Smiley big-face
(:-(unSmiley frowning
(:)-)User likes to scuba dive
):-(UnSmiley big-face
)8-)Scuba Smiley big-face
{:-)Smiley with its hair parted in the middle
{(:-)User is wearing toupee.
}(:-(User, wearing toupee in wind.
+-(:-)User is the pope
+:-)Smiley priest
,-}Wry and winking
*-(Cyclops got poked in the eye
*:o)User is a Bozo
*<;|:-)User is Santa Claus (Ho Ho Ho)
<;|-)=User is chinese
=:-)User is a hosehead
=:-#}Smiley punk with a mustache....
=:-)Smiley punk-rocker
%-^User is Picasso
%-)User is cross-eyed
#-)User partied all night
@-)Person submitting is Cyclops
|-)Hee hee
|-DHo ho
|-)User is asleep (boredom)
0-)User wearing scuba mask
8-)User wears glasses
8:-)Glasses on forehead
8:]Normal smiling face except that User is a gorilla
B-|User is wearing cheap sunglasses
g-)Smiley with ponce-nez glasses
o-)User is a cyclops
P-)User is getting fresh
[:-)User is listening to Walkman radio
[:|]User is a robot

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