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Quarterly report :: A rather flimsy excuse for few recent blog postings

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During March and April I designed a new web site for a local project.

Last year, as this site ( was rewritten in XHTML and positioning CSS, there were several aspects of the CSS which I couldn't grasp. With no formal education nor courses in computer design I had a hard time finding solutions which would render well both on screen and in print. After testing and testing again I did get it up and the chosen solutions seemed to work quite well across platforms. This site has few fixed widths, though, most content floats and I am not quite sure why this works in most configurations. (Konqueror in Linux is one exception.)

Last december I rewrote again, using PHP to optimize maintenance of 500+ pages. At first I thought PHP could be implemented between body tags only, but PHP in head tags is my latest craze. There seem to be few limits to PHP. But Albert Einstein (Ulm, Württemberg 1879-1955 Princeton, New Jersey) is quoted to have uttered:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

The new site (in Norwegian and Sami only!) is done from scratch and written in Notepad, a simple text editor with no frills offering almost complete control of any sign/bit entering your browser, I think...

Heatmap © Eyetrack :: The darker, the less important © Eyetrack

The new design has several fixed widths, different floats and the structure is lean and simple. And I am also trying to do the new layout in such a way that it may easily be used for other projects as well. Hopefully this will provide some much needed income one of these days.

Anyways: I once again approached the CSS and positioning problems. During the last year more articles on the subject have been published, and after working with floats for a while it's easier to understand the problems people encounter and write about.

Other helpful texts have also caught my attention lately: Most interesting was the article on Eyetrack III by project managers Steve Outing and Laura Ruel's, an article on how we scroll and read layout. (Please see graphics to the right!) And Mark Boulton should be mentioned. He offers a good read on the subject of legibility in five simple steps to better typography. Current problem: trying to find a detailed explanation on how to use the mod_rewrite in a .htaccess file for the Apache. Feels like walking on really really thin ice...


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