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Jonathan Corum has several excellent websites.

Among his projects is a rather personal and biographical Personal Injury Warning System developed back in 1994. (Content Warning :: Pages may contain graphic descriptions of violent injury.)

Another project of his is 13 months, which again is a continuation of 13 Days and 13 Weeks, all commemorating 9/11. From a less depressing section, this:

Thank you for your letter. As the Scots have been responsible for so many remarkable inventions (adhesive postage stamps, penicillin, fax machines, tubular steel, and the breech-loading rifle), it's not surprising to hear that eggs Benedict may have existed in Scotland over a century before its (re)discovery in New York.
The Berne Convention limits the duration of copyright protection for known authors:
Article 7 (1) The term of protection granted by this Convention shall be the life of the author and fifty years after his death.
[this applies]... as well for pseudonymous works as eggs Benedict...

Link to the web site 13pt, commemorating 9/11

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