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14. November 2007 :: Oh, Johnny, you stupid dead git!

Category: Ramones

Johnny Ramone... exploded, using expletives while insisting, «I hate curry, I hate foreign countries, I hate foreign food, I hate everything foreign!» (Most Americans are de facto foreigners in their own country, the Colonies, anyway...)

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29. October 2007 :: Memories of October Jihad

Category: Jihad,Jeehad

So-called 'Beirut Stoppers' kept popping up in front of official institution, even in Norway, after an attack in Beirut on the 23rd of October 1983. The first Beirut Stoppers were ugly concrete slabs without any aesthetics to them. Later on they became a part of the architecture and landscaping around such institutions.

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2. October 2007 :: Intelligence is pernicious, and should be extirpated. It just causes trouble

Category: Humanity

I have decided that intelligence is pernicious, and should be extirpated. It just causes trouble. Practically every damn fool, deleterious thing our sorry race has done can be traced to intelligence. It is a bad idea. When it is not merely a bad idea, it is usually a waste of time.... Generally intelligence has no effect on conclusions, which are glandularly determined. It just rationalizes hormonal inevitabilities.... Brains just allow you to be more elaborately and ornately disastrously wrong.... In short, a large IQ is an infallible predictor of emotional inadequacy.... We ought to put something in the water to keep IQs down. There would be so much less noise.

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29-30. January 2007 :: Realignment

Category: New website for blogs and personal pages

For a couple og days there will be a lot of problems on my websites. Blogs are moved to a new site, along with the more tender parts of the site. Both sites will be thoroughly tested and code will be adjusted all over...

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