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Growing large without Viagra

Out of what originally was just a couple of pages of news—intended for friends and a small circle of acquaintances—the blog started growing in 2002-2003 and had to be reorganised for future expansion. The new structure was finally «in place» a year later. Shortly afterwards I, of course, started pondering an even better solution: splitting the diary into four blogs in separate languages. This conception was again implemented in 2005.

Strange fruit

As a result the blog in my mother tongue—Norwegian/Bokmål—expanded more than what I had foreseen and expected. There were almost a hundred blogs in Bokmål, the main Norwegian language, during Y2K+5, in addition to a few in the second most important Norwegian language, Nynorsk and then some in English and German as well.

Another aspect was that I somehow grew increasingly interested in some rather peculiar themes and topics in contemporary novels written by young Norwegians. An experience early in 2004 was disastrous both professionally and personally.* Rather luckily I somehow became aware of, or happened upon, what might be some kind of therapeutical mechanism: Through reading and recognizing experience in such afore-mentioned literature I could subdue some of my personal pain. Strange fruit, indeed.

Anyway, underlying subversiveness is almost protudent in many of the printed text arising from new writers these days. Politically based views and positions commonly held some twenty years ago are challenged by a new breed of voices. Writers of my own generation, born 1960±5, also seem to venture into realms which were far from political correctness and unwanted, if not impossible, some two small decades ago. I am not yet at peace with any and all of the realms where literature ventures into these days, but I feel obliged to at least try following the roadsigns and see what might be revealed around the next nook and cranny. As for a position or view on problems arising in such texts, I am not willing to take up any kind of stance yet—I'm not even convinced that it is necessary and feel complacent just observing and being bewildered or muddled.

Money talks, bullshit walks

A point contemplated elsewhere in this blog is: Traffic to the original website increased far beyond what I had imagined—the audience just multiplied. As the figures rose I asked around what was normal for a site like mine and, a bit too proudly, realised that this was a tad more than one could expect for such a site. Watching the visitor log I was also baffled by the origin of the visitors to the site: They came from just about everywhere! The site was accessed via servers from a lot of different countries. Flags from some server-countries may be observed elsewhere on this page.

More prudently I sense some kind of obligation or responsibilty to provide a better site. From 2007 the original site is divided in two. Hopefully this will clear out some other concerns about the site as well.

on-line vice versa off-line

Some want to define 'real' blogs as a place where a random reader may spontaneously make comments. You may not be able to do that in this-here blog, but feel free to contact me by e-mail anytime. All comments are welcome—and more often uplifting than not!

Some people are more intriguing experienced live than by telphone. A coffee house is a nice place to meet up. Others are dead and gone and reachable only through reminding text and deeds. Without the ability to publish in hard-copy there are moments when I ponder how to make this website outlive my remaining days.**


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