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The Death of Saddam Hussein

Turning on the radio on New Year's Eve, as 2006 turned into 2007, I discovered—a bit late, I have to admit—that the marionette or puppet regime in Iraq had executed former dictator Saddam. The execution did not come across as a surprise. Nonetheless, once more I was a bit stupefied by the rude political result of Law Americana: «Kill anything that brings disturbance to the story,» a random-like logic we may have become too familiar with after watching some hundreds of dramas from that darwinite democrazy. The impenetrable membrane dividing what belongs in fictious space and what could take place in an actual, real world, seem to be breached here, somehow.

Anyway, my first reaction was that this pResident of the United States behaves like a cross-breed of a plotting schemer and a rabid dog with to ample military resources at hand. For a moment I honestly thought he was an international terrorist who should be hunted down by all means as soon as possible (and preferably meet a faith prescribed as solution to all kind of challenges involving other humans in such afore-mentioned movies. But then again, judging from some soaps, there is a certain possibility that this Bush-guy is not human but humanoid, or merely human-like. As such one might have to use heavier weaponry on him than a medieval-like gallows).


Probably not true!

Such ramblings, as above, may not be reliable as a rostrum or base for further thinking. Calling an American pResident a major threat to world peace is probably so immature that it should be modified at some point, for instance upon returning to this text later on to see what actually was written that morning (and subsequently alter it).

On the other hand, if the current mischievous folly happen to be spread, for instance to reach Iran or Syria, or any other place which may, or may not, be profitable, or not, to liberate, it may be that this text has to be broadened and given more of an edge to it.*


Sometimes, in this blog, text written years ago intertwines with later contemplations and newer text. Being an old man I, of course, both tend and happen to repeat my self, in words as well as in deeds and doings, and text will probably be altered.

This site is written out of desire to convey casualness and to pretend an off-the-cuff tone.

Just so people understand, I am not trying to come across as a complete arrogant @$$. I do ask that when you read through these, you remove your emotions from the whole situation. Feelings are pretty meaningless, and have no bearing whatsoever on if I am right or not.


Anyway: Have a nice one!

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