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Acceptance of Norwegian Ethnicity

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Non-governmental information on Accepted Ethnicity in Norway

In school we were taught that Norway had quite a homogenous population, a fact which should be properly examined.

There are already four official languages partly consistent with a former ethnical distribution. The last one legally recognized was kvænsk, a language derived from old Finnish language brought here during the great famines in Finland during the 17th and 18th Centuries.

And then there is, of course, an official Lappish/Sámi language, a fenno-ugric relative of Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian, spoken by former non-citizens of native decent. This one is a bit tricky. The Sámi Parliament/Sámediggi actually recognises the number of Sámi languages to be nine, of which four to six are spoken by natives with Norwegian citizenship. A bit similar to the rivalry between the two main Norwegian languages, Bokmål and Nynorsk, one of the Sámi languages has gotten the upper hand, and is recognised as the official language of the indigenous people.*

Myself live in the Southern part of the Sápmi landscape. Today there are approximately 300-600 Saemien speaking the local lingo. Although there are similarities in phonetics, the dominant Northern Sámi language is in general not understood by Saemien/Southern Sámi. Saemien will often object to attempts to discuss the possibility of several differing tribes. When considering differences in language one agrees upon speaking of adapted variants, though.

And—oh!—did I mention that we are merely 4.6 million people living in this vast, but a bit coldish country. Please immigrate and help us use our slippery oil-based wealth to build a better nation!

Sámi adapted variants

Sámi languages...

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