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Pure narcissism :: A fashionable text mentioning Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

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Mentioning Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

... or any other public fool always helps on ratings and the number of visitors to a web site. More on such dramatis personae later on.** The narcissistic content of this site is maintained in four languages:

  1. This section in English which might reach, or not, quite a wide range of people around the globe
  2. As well as being a site for testing language skills, pages in German are meant as a gesture to those living in the old landscapes of Helvetia and Magna Germania. (Unfortunately the silly buggers living down there made a couple of terrible mistakes during the previous century, but Hey!, who's perfect anyway? And those two wars doesn't actually make them less interesting, do they?)
  3. Most of the content of this site is to be found in the Norwegian section, where the pages are in the dominating main Norwegian language, and my mother tongue, bokmål**
  4. Pages in Nynorsk are also to test lingual abilities. Nynorsk, New-Norwegian, is a real construct of the nineteenth century; a national project as Norway became independent after some hundred years in union with Danes and Swedes. It is also a quite poetic language closer to spoken Norwegian than the dominant bokmål. Great poetry have been written since it was invented, and the language has even been accociated with an underdoggish political view, which is a national turkey popping up in the newspapers every summer. Anyway, spoken by curvy persons from Mid and Upper Telemark County, this language might also be quite vivifying (sorry 'bout that—just a slip of tongue...)

The attentive reader might have understood that your humble writer have been a tad fascinated by the Internet and its possibilities for exposure. Narcissism isn't always charming, I know. The only reasonable explanation I'm able to provide for spending all these hours in front of a computer, hardcoding every bit, is the popularity of the original website. I don't remember what I expected anymore—guess I was curious if anyone out there would bother to remotely signal interest or recognition in some way or another. And they have, but volume speaks louder than words:

Pure narcissism

As of December 2006 there are more than 10.000 vistors every month, plus spiders and robots crawling and indexing the web. The most visited pages are on music and early punk rock, but some blogs or postings are also quite popular. All of these are now being removed from the main site,, and gathered here at (Wonder whether all those visitors will be kept...)

There are, of course, more than one reason for separating the original site. Feedback from some friends indicate that they have little or no interest of my resume or professional career. On the other hand former employers have been curiously interested in (and maybe concerned by) some of my pages. A certain recent employer expressed utter dissatisfaction with my language in general and even actively wanted to interfere with some my ramblings. (Nationally she is both well known and respected within the area I'm working in, so no name revealed. LOL)

Anyway, I'm cleaning up my act and seperating the site into two zones: One for the straights and one for those longing for more juice (to express my notion a bit bluntly. Based on earlier response I know there are more pervs than me out there—that's why I'm not making this a fully accessible blog where one may place comments—LOL.) The latter is, of course, this site.

Another one (from last year)...

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