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Secretarial skills from the Japanese Embassy in Oslo:

Secretarial experience, excellent command of English and Norwegian, written and oral. Extensive knowledge and interest in the Norwegian government administration, politics, history, culture etc. Responsible for upholding a representative and pleasant personality. Employment to be started as soon as possible.

A new relationship gone sour

I was getting frightened of her. She had seemed so nice at the beginning. Was she suffering from personal problems? I could understand that. I'm pretty broad-minded—I raised three daughters.

From then on, things were different. I listened to Megwind's advice but gradually I began not to trust her. It was a sad turn of events.

Collapse of trust is the beginning of the end in any relationship. She would give me her opinion, I would think it over, look at the empirical evidence, and make my own decision. Sometimes I went her way, sometimes not.

I could tell she hated this. There were a lot of long, heavy silences.

Michael Johnson

Published: October 19, 2006

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