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myFace in my Space

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The Washington D.C. based Give Me Back sells their fanzine at Ivar Matlaus Bookstore in Svartlamon. Give Me Back is «a quarterly zine documenting DIY hardcore punk». The third issue, released in december 2007, held a critique of MySpace in the Columns section. Here's an excerpt which I found quite plausible:

The first and most flagrantly offensive thing about MySpace is who is behind it. MySpace is owned by a huge media conglomerate called the news corporation. News Corporation is an umbrella company that owns over 200 media outlets, including 43 newspaper companies, 34 magazines, 29 movie and television studios, 34 websites, and 72 television channels. Among those companies are the harpercollins book publishing company, the wall street journal, the fox broadcasting company, and the fox news channel. A man called Rupert Murdoch, a staunch supporter and financial contributor to the Republican Party, owns this corporation. news corporation makes roughly 25 billion dollars a year.


It was Spoonboy who had written to Give Me back. Spoonboy recommended a documentary called Outfoxed for those who want to know more about how Fox News was connected to the Grand Ol' Party.

Well, here's the breakdown: MySpace makes its money from advertisers. Advertising rates are based on the number of hits a website gets. In other words, they are based on the popularity of the website. As I mentioned already, MySpace is the most popular website on the Internet. A lot of people tell me «I don't click on the advertisements! I'm just using a free website! I'm not contributing to MySpace financially!» This is not true. even if you do not click on the advertisements, you are making money for MySpace. By visiting the website you increase the number of hits and increase the advertising rates. By visiting the website you are making money for the news corporation and, by extension, rupert murdoch. Effectively, by visiting the website you are contributing to campaign finances of the republican party, and one of the world's leading advocates for right wing corporate control over world politics.

Maybe I'm not the last naïve soul left on earth after all?


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