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She'd heard about the M course which was supposed to have a laboratory as well as lectures.

Congenial analgesia

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We created it let's take it over!

Paul Valéry: The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up

1. PHP

What it is: An open-source, interpretive, server-side, cross-platform, HTML scripting language, especially well-suited for Web development as it can be embedded into HTML pages.

Why you should learn it: It's particularly widely used. "High-speed scripting with caching, augmented with compiled code plug-ins (such as can be done with Perl and PHP) is where the future is. Building Web apps from scratch using C or COBOL is going the way of the dinosaur," said Duquaine.

For a rerelease of proto-new wavers The Saints' album (I'm) Stranded, in 1997, singer Chris Bailey said:

The Brits at the time being in the orgiastic throes of the then “new teen phenomenon” that was punk responded immediately with saliva drenched jowls.
So, hype being what it was (and still is) a major label sent via their colonial officer their local man in a satin bomber jacket armed with a fairly impressive looking briefcase to our humble antipodean abodes. Using vastly superior logic and language (peppered liberally with the words ‘fame’ and ‘money’), this exalted and otherworldly being produced from his aforementioned impressive briefcase “a record contract”. Youthful revolutionary ideals be damned!
What else was there for us to do?
We signed.
And Stranded, the first of the three EMI albums followed soon thereafter.

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