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New Intro

The Rock section both provides facts on events which took place mostly in Trondheim, Norway, during the seventies and the eighties, as well as covers a certain period of my personal life.

The personal motif for these pages is extended teenage life and youth, lasting from the age of 5 until 39. On a more serious basis the playlists present (if not always accurate) facts on concerts in Trondheim in the early days of punk rock. It's quite annoying to read about people in Oslo who took credit for bringing punk to Norway, some two-three years after the scene was flourishing in the outskirts of this Nordic country.

Old Intro

From the mid-seventies subcultures bloomed in Trondheim. In the winter of 1976-77 punk rock came to town, and people suddenly got the feeling of being liberated from known rules and restrictions.

These web pages will give information on Hard Rock Kafé and Uffa, which were scenes for alternative music and related cultural expressions. So far I have published family trees and some lists of concerts on the scene. Unfortunately the playlists are not accurate—any suggestion leading to improvements is most welcome!

The family trees show how groups changed over the years. The tree "den elektriske åndsrevolusjonen i Trondheim 1977-80" (The Electric Spiritual Revolution in Trondheim 1977-80) was made by André Lister. The tree "Trondheims rockemiljø 1977-87" (Rock in Trondheim 1977-87) was drawn by Wix. The family trees "Dum Dum & Kineserne" and "Israelvis" were made by the legendary Willy B. Thanks to all three for kind permission to use the trees, which are copyrighted and for your private use only!

A translation of the text in the playlists and the family trees is not planned, but might be considered depending on your response to these pages. Please feel free to write me an e-mail!


The making of these web pages serves two purposes.

1. All aspects of our cultural history should be documented—the gutter as well as more noble cultural expressions. In accordance to the spirit of punk, documentation should be available to anyone seeking this kind of information. Hopefully these pages will also serve as a source of facts to projects discussing this period in a reliable and scientific manner. Personally I think it would be appropriate to locate the beginning of Norwegian punk to Trondheim.

2. To document my own experiences. Almost none of my references witness what I have done and what I am capable of doing. Three *** in a list means that I held some kind of responibility, in most instances technical, and the lists show that I did sound engineering at at least 90 gigs...

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