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playlists :: from Sex Pistols to Motorpsycho

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– the playlists are available in Norwegian, but should be readable to foreigners observing the explanations:


The abbreviations means: HRK = Hard Rock Kafé, KS = Korte Sekunder/Short Seconds, TRH = Trondheim, TRK = Trondheim Rockklubb/Rock Club, ORK = Oslo Rockklubb, Uffa = Ungdom for fri aktivitet/Youth For Free Activity. Other peculiarities in the lists are Gigs2, oh yeah! and Knall. Those were other organisers on the alternative scene in the late seventies and during the eighties.

All concerts in these lists were held in Trondheim, unless other information is given. Placenames in parentheses indicate where the band came from. The old playlist is available as a downloadable pdf-file. You may check dates with weekdays through the link Link to a Calendar for many years! ...

Δ in a list means that I held some kind of responsibility, mostly practical and technical ...

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