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week.year. action

14.08. Hyperlinks checked and repaired.

13.08. Preparing for xHTML 5 by replacing acronym tags with abbr tags

39.06 Search option altered. Google solution removed.

21.06 Minor adjustements in metatags.

Spring two-o's-six (2oo6)

  • Code checked on all pages
    • Links now have:
      • hreflang tags when language (on addressed web page) varies from page of origin
      • Access through accesskeys is enhanced
      • _blank and _new tags on external links removed
      • All title and alt tags are revised
    • Non-English letters are coded in title and alt tags
    • Structure of H1-H6 tags is done according to W3C recommendations

40.05 Breadcrumb—or 'navigable' location bar—at the bottom of each page reintroduced. All _new target tags, introduced in week 30, are removed but replaced with _blank tags in the resume pages. Reintroducing relative internal adressing in the php files – as if anyone would ever notice! Anyway, this allows a more accurate and reliable number of page views.

31.05 Major server problem. All PHP* files readdressed during the weekend.

30.05 Almost every gif and jpg file readdressed to gain better structure in the directories. All _blank target tags are replaced with _new tags. This provides fewer new windows when surfing through external links. Minor CSS adjustements, as always...

17.05 It's possible to use PHP* in head! Oh là là!!

01.05 New structure in the Blog. From now on pages will not be translated. The consequence is four different blogs in four languages, sometimes referring to each other.

49.04 PHP* implemented in body to ease maintenance.

42.04. ­-code removed 'cause it doesn't work properly in Safari on Mac. Contact page will ease update routines.

33.04. StyleSwitcher script finally working. This lets you choose text size on screen: See upper right corner!

32.04. CSS week; New layout tested on different platforms with several browsers. Fatal (but not lethal) div flaws corrected. New Search Engine.

30.04. .htaccess file to control random surfing at the web site.

25-26.04. New layout.

14.04. Work on this web site has been focused on coding and structure for the last two months.

  • Two JavaScripts to solve Netscape 4 problems. More than 12% of my visitors use Netscape 4.5 or older version; The percentage doubled during 2003—maybe old Mac friends have discovered that parts of their past is mentioned?
  • Separate CSS for Mac users [Deprecated 26.05]
  • 518 pages

12.04. Slimmer CSS.

11.04. New structure in the News section.

09.04. Favicon problem solved. [ to the top ] tags on most pages. Rewording for better language in the New-Norwegian section.

07.04. span lang tags on French, German and Norwegian words used in the English web section; An adjustment to accomodate requirements of visually impaired and partially sighted, the deaf and hard of hearing or people with learning difficulties.

06.04. Index-files in all relevant directories. Adjustment of the CSS.

03.04. Hopefully I've finally solved the problem of viewing these pages in Netscape. Mid-January the website has 366 visible pages, 810 files and 27,3Mb all in all.

Autumn 2003. Gradually cleansing code and weeding out hyperlink errors. Several new news pages. Translation of web site into English. The traffic to the web site improved in November.

28.03. Link check prior to translation into English. 273 pages.

20.03. Reducing hyperlink errors and keeping the web site up to date. Visits to the site and e-mails show increasing traffic.

11.03. Better structure of the news section. 206 html-pages pluss supporting files such as banners, gifs, robot-file, pdfs, CSS and a Javascript.

08.03. Completion of web pages in New-Norwegian and German.

02.03. The traffic to the web site is growing too fast; Controlling robots and net spiders may provide better information about how many of the visitors are live humans.

52.02. New news page and tighter CSS. 144 pages.

49.02. Check on meta-tags and hrefs after upload of New-Norwegian and German pages.

Logo for sitemap pages...with a link to

33.02. New banners with the help of A. H., tighter CSS and tidier directories.

31.02. The life-section is opened, div-tags weeded out, background pictures on some pages. Looking at the searches leading to my site, I decide to translate the site into New-Norwegian, German and English.

29.02. Tightning meta-tags for robots and indexing. A JavaScript solves a two year old coding problem. Dropping anchors in the text for better cross references.

26.02. New news page and minor adjustments. 51 pages.

21.02. Better meta-tags, trying out different scripts.

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14.02. New news page, minor adjustments, checking of links.

11.02. Search function and help page.

09.02. CSS and pages validated according to HTML 4.01-spesifications.

08.02. New mapping/directory, uniforming img, meta, title and alt tags. Log.

07.02. Testing in Opera 6.0 and Netscape 4.08 on a Windows platform.

06.02. Alpha version uploaded. Testing the web site in an IE 5.0 on a MacOS.

05.02. Tables and compatibility with Netscape 6.2.

04.02. Trying out gifs, balancing playful against "serious" layout.

03.02. Choosing sizes and widths.

02.02. Learning basic HTML the hard way, by trying out what works and not.

01.02. Cleansing the original text of old code, starting to build the web site from the bottom.

51.01. New banners ordered from P.C. H.

50.01. Evaluation: The FrontPage-version is too adolescent and built with Frames. I see that I have to learn HTML. To gain full control over the look of the web site, I choose hard coding instead of using software to generate the pages.

49.01. Beta version of the pages uploaded, the domain name put to use.

46.01. Working on the web site with the help of J.A. S. and Microsoft FrontPage.

44.01. Gaining permission to use band "family" trees and to link to other people and organisations' web sites.

07.01. Test version of the web site uploaded to a temporary URL.

36.00. Starting to work on the web site with H. H.

30.00. Outlining the web site.

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